Codex of the Synapse: Folio A1.1

World as Lattice



"What is it then, upon which the worlds are woven, warp and woof ?"

Brihadaranyaka Upanisad (III,iv)



A proverb of the Keepers states, "All Creation is porous; the only true solid in the universe is an absence"

Matter is mostly empty space, interrupted by a few islands of substance; and those points of substance are, in turn, themselves made mostly of empty space. Wherever one looks for a final, tiny monad of solidity, one will find instead the same recurring proportion of absence and presence. Ultimately, claim the Keepers, our universe is composed of nothing but lines of attraction strung between points of nothingness.

This network of energy adheres to a geometry, a vast spatial lattice. Wherever we might travel in the universe, we are bound to the lines of our particular lattice. Our universe is infinite, but its infinity is limited. Riding trains on an endless railroad line, we can travel forever, go anywhere on the line, but we can never leave the tracks. We cannot even grasp the existence of a place not on the tracks. Nonetheless, such a place exists - many such places. In the language of the Keepers, they are called neighbor-worlds.